Fun in the Studio -The Billionaire with the Comb-Over Hair

Besides performing and recording, I routinely help others record and produce their CD projects, develop their songs and arrangements for recording, and provide teaching/coaching for others on their own music path, etc.  So what does the song ‘The Billionaire with the Comb-Over Hair’ and ‘Back Seat Driver’ have to do with anything?  Plenty!  I just finished co-writing, recording and producing a new CD titled ‘Laughing At Life’ by Blonde Divas.  This over 50 all-girl vocal trio have created some really wacky tunes that are a commentary on our pop culture.  It’s mostly a country feel with some blues and rock ‘n’ roll influences thrown in.  The project was recorded here at my studio in Oregon with additional tracks recorded in Nashville (banjo), Arkansas (fiddle, mandolin, guitar), and Seattle (saxophone).  They’re working on the CD cover now and it should be out by summer.  I put together a sample of short clips from 4 of the songs: Here Comes The Train, Backseat Driver, Billionaire with the Comb-Over Hair, and Cougar.

Click the player below to hear the audio samples!

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Posted: April 24, 2012