Spotlight Your Local Talent

When applicable, one unique feature of Mike’s concerts is he will plan with the presenter about who in their community (student, faculty, local orchestra, school band, or choir) might like to perform as a guest in the concert. This might be an up and coming young vocalist or instrumentalist from one of the local schools or the high school jazz band or choir for example.  He will contact that group, or student or person ahead of time and plan a musical piece or two to be performed at the concert. Usually they meet at sound check and rehearse for that evening show. This is a BIG HIT with the audience and a valuable mentoring experience for the participant(s).

“Mike Strickland was a ray of light in my classroom. His energy for life, music, and kids comes through at each moment. He is an amazing pianist, gifted arranger, and (most importantly) a great role model for students everywhere. It was a privilege to work with him and I am honored to call him friend.”

Robin Y. Pederson, MHS choir director

In the case of a school band or high school or college choir, Mike will work with the local choir director in developing a performance involving the students.  Mike’s new song “Music In My Soul” is for a choir, two lead vocalists, and a band (bass, drums, piano)  (It’s a kind of rock’n’roll  – Billy Joel/Grease/Glee feel) It’s a collaborative effort involving the choir director and of course Mike rehearsing and leading the final performance.  The choir can be featured at the beginning and end of Mike’s piano concert.  It can be structured in many different ways (high school, college, even middle school) but this is a GREAT concert with a lot of community involvement.


“Being able to perform with someone like Mike Strickland was nothing short of an amazing experience. He gave me a new fire, a new passion for the very two things I love the most: vocal performance and piano. Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime.”
– Claire (high school vocalist)

Mike invited a talented young vocalist from our local high-school as well as the high-school’s band teacher and talented clarinetist, to guest with him during the concert and I’m in awe how Mike can work with the youth and  people of all ages to create a winning atmosphere for all of them.  He’s the real deal, and genuine is his passion to make music for all to enjoy.   Mike is one of our top engaging performers we have had.
Patti Blagg – (President, Mid-Columbia Community Concert Assn., The Dalles, OR)

Mike, my name is Bobby Alger and tonight you performed with my high school jazz band and I would personally like to thank you. You have no idea how much inspiration you have instilled in me this evening. I walked away a changed man. The energy and heart that you put into your performance was phenomenal and I am honored that I had the opportunity to play on stage with you. All the comments that you made to our band tonight really clicked, especially as I’ve been buckling down on music theory recently. Anyway, once again, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have met you and shared through music that which can’t be expressed in words”.  With great respect,  Bobby Alger (trumpet)

“If I had to pick one of the many attributes I’ve admired in my privileged time of working with Mike Strickland, it would be his willingness to share his incredible experience in the world of music with anyone who asks. Many thank yous to Mike for giving me so many opportunities to strive for excellence as a musician and as a person!”
-Joshua Humlie (college student, drummer, vocalist, keyboardist)

“Mike’s combination of both demand for solid technique and a visibly uninhibited joy for making music is always a source of inspiration for me in my own artistic journey.”
-Jeremy Moll (college student, guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, vocalist, songwriter)

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