Music Services

Sometimes, I’m asked to provide a combination of these services or provide a custom solution to a client’s needs that falls some where in between. Here are the basics:


Part of the producer’s job is to oversee all the production aspects: planning the album concept, what songs to be chosen, planning the song arrangements, writing the charts for the musicians, hiring the right musicians, coax the best performances from the studio sessions, oversee the mixing to get the ‘right’ sound, etc. I can help you realize your musical vision whether small or large.


Got a song in your head that you just can’t seem to finish? Or get the right ‘feel’ for it? Somehow it doesn’t sound quite ‘pro’ or finished? I’ve been arranging music for over 35 years for film, TV, and music production!


Recording your CD with great microphones and a wonderful concert piano is easier said than done! It also takes experienced ears and a working knowledge of how to get what you’re going after.


The art of creating new music. This is what I do!

Music Directing

Having the right person directing all the musicians and overseeing the music production of the concert or show makes all the difference in a successful performance!

Teaching and Coaching

Coaching – Sometimes an instrumentalist or vocalist needs a ‘coach’ to help them get the best results in their musical journey towards proficiency and competence. Having the right training can really jump-start the musician.

Private Piano Lessons – Subjects include ear training, sight-singing, music theory, how to interpret a chord chart, how to arrange a song, composition, playing by ear, blues piano, boogie-woogie piano. etc. For advanced piano students.


Collaboration on taking the raw idea from your head and organizing it into a finished pro form that becomes a song!

Creative consulting

I can help get your CD or other musical project off the ground and advise you on any and all of the creative aspects involved.