Mike Strickland

Solo Piano Concerts

Pianist and composer Mike Strickland brings superb musicianship, artistry, and showmanship to the stage. It’s obvious Mike loves what he does – whether its playing his finger-busting  boogie-woogie, singing a song from the Great American songbook , or sharing the Mississippi blues that he grew up with.  Add to that, his impressive list of original works and you have a performance that is pure delight and keeps the audience guessing.

“I love performing a variety of well-loved popular songs and original pieces and giving each song it’s own special arrangement. Some of the pieces are classic, stylish jazz, others are deep grooved boogie-woogie, still others are thematic, lush and evocative of a memorable film score. My original pieces are influenced by many musicians including: John Willliams, Vince Guaraldi, Ray Bryant, Michele LeGrand, and Rachmaninoff. Sometimes I’ll sing a show tune, a blues song, or a favorite tune from the Great American Songbook.

After thousands of nights of performing, producing over 80 CD projects, and recording 7 original CDs, I’m drawing on quite a bit of ammunition to inspire and entertain the listener. And the piano is at the forefront. I love creating motion and texture and using the piano as an orchestral instrument – all 88 keys! And also of course, playing off the audience and being in the moment.”

– Mike Strickland

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