Spread Joy Project

I was watching TV one day thinking there’s too much negative news being generated right now. We need to focus on the positive! So I wrote this song, “Spread Joy'” to spread goodwill and remind us that we ALL can make a difference in the world with our positive attitude and helping each other.

I wanted it to be as simple as “Happy B-day” so that anyone could learn it and sing it easily. My talented wife, Kristi assisted in writing the lyrics and we recorded the song with the whole family singing on it including our dog, Sadie. Our friend and amazing animator, Dustin Haynes created an animation to go with the message of the song. As of today, our animation has over 106,000 views on youtube! Here is the video:

We have also created a Spread Joy youtube channel. Click here to visit the youtube channel.

Please keep spreading the song and video. I have lots of people emailing me that their kids love to sing the song, and young pianists enjoy playing the solo piano arrangement. I have been contacted by several churches from various denominations who are now using the song with their children and adult choirs during services. A music festival in England had their choir perform it at their annual festival. Barbershop arrangements are now starting to pop up around the world. Choir instructors from public schools from around the country have been requesting and using the song in their student choirs.

We offer the sheet music (solo piano arrangement, and 2 arrangements for vocal/piano) and the mp3 for FREE in our store.

So that’s the message, “Spread Joy”!

Enjoy the animation! Learn to sing the song! Share it with your friends and family. Heck, you might Spread Joy!