Outreach & Mentoring with Pianist Mike Strickland

Outreach in Bandon

Mike loves to share his passion for music through school outreaches, masterclasses and mentoring sessions.  His ability to connect with young audiences and up-and-coming musicians is nothing short of stellar.  Whether its the high school jazz band or choir, a group of vocalist and instrumentalists, or a theater full of third graders, he connects with them every time. There always seems to be at least one person whose life is changed by what he has to share.

Community Outreach Program

Outreach in Bandon

45-60 Minute Presentation and Performance:

Mike presents an interactive, entertaining program perfect for schools and community outreach events. He discusses music as a career and talks about subjects such as performing, composing, managing a recording studio, and licensing music for TV and film. This is interspersed with several short performances of various musical styles such as boogie, jazz, and blues as well as Mike’s original compositions. Toward the end of the program there is a lively question and answer session. Aspiring young musicians are often invited up onstage to perform for their peers.

Fee $0 – In addition, discount on main concert fee may apply if a suitable outreach/masterclass is scheduled.

Mentoring Programs

Outreach in Reno

Half Day, Full Day, or longer Residency Programs – Sections May Include:

  • Improvisation
  • Ear training and theory clinic
  • Jazz and band ensemble coaching
  • Rhythm section clinic
  • Creating an artful performance
  • How to improve stage presence
  • Vocal performance coaching
  • Spotlight Your Local Talent!  MORE INFO
No Fee when a concert is booked.


“Mike Strickland was a ray of light in my classroom. His energy for life, music, and kids comes through at each moment. He is an amazing pianist, gifted arranger, and (most importantly) a great role model for students everywhere. It was a privilege to work with him and I am honoured to call him friend.”
Robin Y. Pederson, MHS choir director

“Mike, my name is Bobby Alger and tonight, May 17, 2012 you performed with my high school jazz band and I would personally like to thank you. You have no idea how much inspiration you have instilled in me this evening. I walked away a changed man. The energy and heart that you put into your performance was phenomenal and I am honored that I had the opportunity to play on stage with you. All the comments that you made to our band tonight really clicked, especially as I’ve been buckling down on music theory recently. Anyway, once again, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have met you and shared through music that which can’t be expressed in words.
With great respect,  Bobby Alger (trumpet)

“What Mike did with the kids in Bandon was phenomenal. He immediately invited them into his presentation and got them involved – they were hooked after that.   Thank you for your wonderful presentation and concert, it will be a lasting memory for the youth in our schools.”
– Anita Almich, Scheduler, Bandon Showcase, Bandon Oregon

For booking please contact us via the contact page.