A Passion For Piano


“This is my second CD recorded when I was 11-13. I was really growing as a pianist and my dad who’s also a recording engineer captured my pieces when they were at their peak. This CD includes the following: 3 Chopin Mazurkas (D flat, b minor and D major), Haydn Sonata in G major, Shostakovich Fantastic Dances #1-3, Bach Prelude and Fugue in C#, Grieg Norwegian Dances Opus 35 #1 and #4, Scarlatti Sonatas (g minor, G major), Bach Concerto in F minor (Largo), Bartok (Three Folk Songs from the Csik District), and Beethoven Sonata Opus 10 1st mvmt.

Here’s some notes on some of the pieces: The Bach prelude and fugue in C#major – these were a real pain to learn but really fun to finally be able to play them. Shostakovich Dance #3 – this one sounds a bit like a guy falling down the stairs in one part! Norwegian Dance #1 and #4 are a couple of fun pieces I played with my piano partner, Nellie.”
Here’s a few audio samples:

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