Daughter Elizabeth releases third CD

Elizabeth releases third CD “Shades of Romance”

“This album has some of my favorite pieces I’ve recorded over the last five years and includes selections that I studied with my beloved Seattle teacher, Cassandra Carr as well as newer repertoire that I worked on with my wonderful teacher, Dorothy Fahlman after I moved to Oregon. One of the most colorful is the Ravel Concerto in G (second and third movements) that I learned originally for a competition. The second movement is exquisitely beautiful, and the third is so feisty and fun to play. My friend and pianist, Susan McDaniel does an excellent job of standing in for the orchestra part. The Rachmaninoff preludes were recorded at a time when I was developing a lot as a musician, and they were extremely inspiring pieces for me. The other pieces represent a wide range of composers and styles, but what stood out to me was how incredibly romantic many of them are”. ~~ Elizabeth

This CD is available in our new store here! All proceeds go to pay for my college tuition!!

Posted: March 5, 2012