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The Piano

This project was born out of a simple idea to spotlight the beautiful sound of a solo piano. This being my 11th CD to date, I find it unbelievable that this is my first solo piano recording. This CD is my most popular recording on itunes. And the rendition of Canon in D is one of the most popular songs on Whisperings Solo Piano Radio.

Comments from listeners:

“WOW, A MUST HAVE CD! This CD is pure piano music, but it is so full of emotion, it sings in ways vocal arrangements can’t. I love Theme from the movie ‘The Piano’ (#2) — the cd from the movie isn’t as nice as this, as well as the theme from the Snowman (#1) — brings back childhood memories…. Highly recommended!”

“This song (Dream Waltz) is so wonderfully played and had me in tears. This is my favorite piano piece, the best and most emotionally played I have ever heard. Wow, I’m just beside myself.”

“Simply Breathtaking!!! A collection of outstanding works, award worthy music. The talent, skill, timing and quality is all there for you to enjoy over and over again. Classic Mike Strickland if you buy any of his albums you can expect nothing but the best. Bravo!”

Sheet music is available for: Canon in D, Watching the World Go By, and The Dream Waltz