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The Mike Strickland Collection

This is a “best of” gathering from Mike’s first 9 CDs from 1987-1997. This is a perfect CD to introduce you or a friend to Mike’s music as it borrows a little bit from each recording.

Here’s what Eleanor Ross of Lifedance Distribution had to say about this new album:

“Mike Strickland, the eloquent popular/jazz pianist delights us with his renditions of familiar songs. Mike Strickland the composer takes us to the cheerful, mellow places evoked by his original compositions. Mike Strickland the arranger awes us with his sense of balance and beauty. Mike Strickland the producer/engineer pleases the most demanding audiophile. Collection is a jewel that reflects with sparkling precision the many facets of Mr. Strickland’s talents.”

Comments from listeners:

“Mike Strickland’s ability to communicate so fluently through the piano to ‘us’ must be a pleasure for any listener. His well guilded rubato and phrasing seems effortless, and can leave a person drifting on a cloud. A pianist who knows the piano.”