“Frank’s Fine Day” sheet music now available in our store!

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Our cat Frank was with us for 11 years and gave us a lot of joy.  He became ill and about a year or so ago, we had to put him down.  Many will miss him.  He made friends with all of the neighbors. One day when Mike was out walking the dog and our three cats up the block, a neighbor came out and asked “Is that your cat?”  Mike said “yes, this is our cat Frank.”  The man said “Well I want you to know, he is kind of our cat too.  My daughter loves him and has been taking photos of him.”  The pictures you see below are from his many “photo shoots” at the neighbors.  Later he ran from their house with this bandanna on and the neighbors were concerned that he would show up at our home with strange attire. He was also fond of sleeping in pot holes in the middle of the street in front of our house until cars came and no doubt used up many of his nine lives with this habit.

After Frank’s passing, Mike wrote a piece called Frank’s Fine Day” inspired by Frank and his days in the sun, and it will be featured on Mike’s upcoming CD “Fantasy”.  However, we gave a pre-release recording of this piece to our friend, David Nevue, of Whispering’s Solo Piano Radio.  He has been airing the piece on his radio station for awhile now.  We recently received a very heartfelt letter from a woman who heard the song being aired.  She is a pianist and is fighting cancer.  She said that this song was helping her to heal and and to please, please publish the sheet music so she could play it.  So we did!  To hear the song and/or buy the sheet music please go to our store. Thank you Frank.  See you again someday.

Listen to Mike’s interview and music on The “Jazz Spot” at Fusion Coffeehouse session in Madison, Mississippi

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Last month, Mike sat down with Raphael Semmes at The “Jazz Spot” at Fusion Coffeehouse in Madison MS. The session featured lots of great conversation and of course some inspired music. Featured with Mike was Raphael on bass and Bud Berthold on drums. (with special surprise sit-ins by saxophonist Todd Bobo as well as Sadie the dog.) Here’s the recording of the session:  The “Jazz Spot” with Raphel Semmes featuring pianist Mike Strickland

Watch Mike’s recent solo piano concert in Salt Lake City on USTREAM

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For those of  you who missed Mike’s live streaming solo piano concert on March 10th with guest artists Michele McLaughlin and Elizabeth Strickland, you can see the recording here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/21024444

Sheet Music for “Promise for Romance” Now Available

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Sheet Music for “Promise for Romance” is now available in our store! We have two versions of this piece transcribed. One is the exact transcription of the sound recording from the album “Touch the Sky”. The other is a shortened, intermediate version.

Daughter Elizabeth releases third CD

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Elizabeth releases third CD “Shades of Romance”

“This album has some of my favorite pieces I’ve recorded over the last five years and includes selections that I studied with my beloved Seattle teacher, Cassandra Carr as well as newer repertoire that I worked on with my wonderful teacher, Dorothy Fahlman after I moved to Oregon. One of the most colorful is the Ravel Concerto in G (second and third movements) that I learned originally for a competition. The second movement is exquisitely beautiful, and the third is so feisty and fun to play. My friend and pianist, Susan McDaniel does an excellent job of standing in for the orchestra part. The Rachmaninoff preludes were recorded at a time when I was developing a lot as a musician, and they were extremely inspiring pieces for me. The other pieces represent a wide range of composers and styles, but what stood out to me was how incredibly romantic many of them are”. ~~ Elizabeth

This CD is available in our new store here! All proceeds go to pay for my college tuition!!

Upcoming performances in Evanston WY and Salt Lake City UT

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Come out and enjoy a concert in Evanston Wy this coming Friday, March 9th!  Elizabeth will be a guest performer, and I’ll be performing some of my arrangements with the Evanston Civic Orchestra, a jazz trio, as well as featuring  some new solo compositions.   Tickets


Then in Salt Lake City on Saturday night, March 10th at 8 pm, you are invited to a very intimate home concert at Cozy Corner Concert Series (Salt Lake City, UT).  Pianist Michele McLaughlin will be joining me in this very special concert.  I’ll be sharing some new compositions and Elizabeth will be performing some incredible classical selections.  This concert will broadcast live on the internet so everyone can attend!  Help us spread the word about the broadcast by inviting your friends to watch as well. We really appreciate the support.  For tickets and information.